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Vale employee smiling in green landscape. She is wearing a green Vale
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Photographer: Vitor Nogueira
Photographer: Vitor Nogueira

Vale in Minas Gerais

Minas Gerais is the birthplace of Vale and continues to represent the spirit with which we face our present challenges.

The state accounts for more than half of our iron ore production with 20 mines in operation. The railroad connecting Vitória and Minas also passes through it, with 905 km of extension and over 60,000 hectares of preserved areas in the Iron Quadrangle.
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Vale Balance +

Elimination of upstream structures 

We completed the elimination works of two more structures built using the upstream method in Minas Gerais: the Baixo João Pereira dam, at the Fábrica Mine, in Congonhas, and dike 4 of the Pontal dam, in Itabira. 12 of the 30 dams, mapped in Minas and Pará, will already be decommissioned by the end of 2022. Rather than a legal obligation, eliminating upstream dams is a commitment. Another highlight of Vale's operations in Minas Gerais was the Asas Project (Areas for the Release of Wild Animals), in which wild animals, victims of trafficking, irregular captivity, road accidents and even injured by wax lines, are welcomed and treated. In addition, we are working on the Apolo Project, which consists of the implementation of a new operational unit, to produce 14 million tonnes of iron ore per year.
Photographer: Ricardo Teles

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Our initiatives 

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Photographer: Ricardo Teles

Vale News

We have operations in 13 municipalities in Minas Gerais. And, in order to remain in the loop about the work carried out, we have Vale Notícias, a publication that publicizes the company's main actions in the territories. 


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Archaeological sites 

We believe in the power of stories, traditions, and culture. Therefore, we preserve important archaeological sites such as the ruins of Casas Velhas, Fábrica Patriótica and Forte do Brumadinho, which house the beginning of our mining history.

Photographer: Ricardo Teles

Vale Voluntários 

In the Vale Voluntários program, we find values that guide Vale's operations, such as passion for people and the planet, life as a priority, group growth and willingness to make things happen. The program is the result of the joint efforts of seven thousand people, including employees and their families, suppliers, communities and partners. 

Photographer: Ricardo Teles


Mata do Jambreiro Environmental Protection and Education Center 

Vale maintains an Environmental Protection and Education Center (CPEA) in the RPPN Mata do Jambreiro. This is the largest and most important protected green area in the Metropolitan Region of Belo Horizonte and is visited by an average of 12,800 people. It also has representatives from 198 institutions from 16 municipalities. 

Photographer: Ricardo Teles

Water Cycle Ecoplaza 

Vale has implemented a method of treating sewage using a wetland system at its Águas Claras Mine (MAC) unit, which uses basic materials such as gravel and sand, along with effluent treatment plants. In addition to the benefits for the environment, the system is also more economical and offers an opportunity to stimulate environmental awareness. 


Private Natural Heritage Reserve - RPPN 

Vale owns 19 RPPNs in Minas Gerais. The total area is 9,505.58 hectares, which is equivalent to about 10,000 soccer fields the size of the one in the Mineirão stadium. In addition to preserving scenic beauties and historic environments, they protect water resources and provide space for Vale to manage natural resources, develop scientific research and maintain ecological climate balances. 

Photographer: Ricardo Teles


Mineral Development Center 

With over 50 years of experience, the CDM, located in Santa Luzia, is considered the hub of Vale's technological management structure. Its performance is based on the concepts of technological innovation and applied research, developing studies in the area of ferrous minerals, gold, bauxite, kaolin, coal, copper, nickel, fertilizers, as well as titanium and rare earths. 

Photographer: Ricardo Teles

Ferrous Technology Center 

The CTF is located in Nova Lima and plays a crucial role in Vale's scientific and technological development. It presents solutions involving iron ore and coal to the market and has advanced resources for simulations. It also develops a continuous and bold program of technological updating, with hefty investments in the development of its professionals. 

Photographer: Ricardo Teles


Memorial Vale Minas Gerais

Passenger train 

Photographer: Ricardo Teles


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Check out the 4Q22 performance reporting dates

Vale S.A. (B3: VALE3 and NYSE: VALE) invites you to its 4Q22 earnings release.

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Vale Day 2022 in New York

Vale S.A. (“Vale”) will host a meeting with capital market participants on December 07, 2022, at the New York Stock Exchange (“NYSE”)

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Vale and GM Sign Long-Term Nickel Supply Agreement in Canada Critical to North American EV Supply Chain

This initiative highlights Vale’s uniquely strategic position to be the supplier of choice to the EV industry, leveraging its low-carbon footprint and market-leading position as North America’s largest producer of finished nickel.

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2022 Extraordinary Meeting of Shareholders

Vale summons its shareholders to the EGM in December. The application deadline is December 19th.

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Vale will announce its 3Q22 performance

Check the dates of reportings and dial in to conference call/webcast

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