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The Vale Supply Portal is an environment that centralizes Vale's Procurement applications

And where suppliers can count on the help of Val, our virtual assistant, to open discrepancy handling tickets. 

Discover the features available on the Vale Supply Portal

Access the Vale Supply Portal

For opening and consulting requests for handling discrepancy of orders and invoices, printing labels, consulting the status of payment of deposits and invoices and accessing other Procurement and news tools.

Meus Pedidos Application

For consultation of purchase orders for approved materials, where from the list returned from the survey it is possible to select one or more orders for Printing Labels and also open tickets of the Settlement of Order type without an invoice issued.

Meus Chamados Application

To open and consult tickets for Handling of Discrepancy in requests and invoices for materials, questions about Undue Retention of services and INSS/ISS Guides and Vouchers and technical support.

Meus Acessos Application

To check which Tax IDs the user has access to view orders, deposits, invoices and open tickets in the other applications of the Portal.

Meus Depósitos Application

For consultation of deposits programmed and carried out by Vale Brasil companies to their suppliers, with details of all documents related to them, such as invoices, advances and taxes.Minhas Notas Fiscais ApplicationTo consult the status of registration and payment of invoices for materials and services received by Vale.

Minhas Notas Fiscais Application

To consult the status of registration and payment of invoices for materials and services received by Vale. 

Virtual Assistant (Val)

To assist suppliers in the entire flow for requesting an Order Settlement without an NF issued, Payment Delay (Material).​​ 

Quick Access Links

For all Procurement applications used by suppliers. 

News Feed

For suppliers to follow the news that impact their processes with Vale. 


Joining forces with Vale, learn about our innovative methodology and obtain information about sustainable development where we operate.

Learn how to access available features 

Access to the Vale Supply Portal can be made by suppliers who have already gone through the Registration and Certification process at Vale.

If the user has not received the invitation by e-mail to access the Vale Supply Portal, they must contact the Help Desk on 0800 047 4242 and inform their full name, CNPJ, company name and e-mail, to access may be requested.

Check out the support materials below: