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Photographer: Anderson Souza
Photographer: Anderson Souza

Located in the Carajás National Forest, in Pará, the BioParque Vale Amazônia is a reference in the work of protecting species and promoting knowledge, fostering Vale's purpose of improve life and transform the future. Together. 

Browse the page and learn more about the work of BioParque Vale Amazônia and the actions that the space offers.

Fotógrafo: Ricardo Teles

Where it is located

You can visit us at Est.

You can visit us at Est.
Raymundo Mascarenhas, with no number, Km. 26. Urban Center of Carajás. Parauapebas/Pará, Brazil. 

Opening hours 

Every day from 10 am to 4 pm 

Entry is free!

Find out more about BioParque 

Created in 1985, the space has 30 hectares of native forest, which allows the free movement of species of birds, agoutis and monkeys in the visitation areas. Visitors have the opportunity to experience a unique immersion experience in the biodiversity of the Amazon rainforest.  
In addition, BioParque supports environmental studies, research and projects aimed at protecting local biodiversity, exposing and conserving species of Amazonian fauna and flora.
Photographer: Anderson Souza

Learn more about the rules for using BioParque

To ensure that the BioParque experience is the best possible, all visitors must follow some rules of coexistence. Check it out below: 

Enter carrying materials or equipment that may damage the health and well-being of visitors and animals and the environment, such as: drones, whistles, stereos, ball etc.

Damage or remove plants, feathers, rocks, fruits, seeds or any other biological material from the area. 

Carry out any activity of a religious, political or commercial nature. 

 Enter with domestic or wild animals. 

 Throw objects, touch or feed the animals. 

Entry of unaccompanied minors. 

Barbecue or light a fire.

Consumption of alcoholic beverages. 

 Wear appropriate clothing for the environment. 

 Dispose of garbage properly in selective collection bins distributed throughout the park. 

Use water fountains and toilets in a rational and urbane manner.

Main activities of the BioPark

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How do visits to the BioParque work?

Animal breeding and care

Immersion Nursery

Orchid Garden


Entomological Collection

Environmental Education

Species Conservation

Reproduction in captivity


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Main activities of the BioPark

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Botanical research

Did you know that it is not just species of animals that BioParque Vale Amazônia helps to preserve?
As it has an extensive area of ​​native forest, the BioParque provides a rich environment for research on botany, including scientific-didactic collections of seeds and wood with 273 species and 28 samples of wood discs, respectively.
Periodically, technicians collect samples of the region's native species to carry out all the work of cataloging information on the Amazonian flora. The survey identifies and stores both large and smaller plants that have medicinal effects, as well as weeds and vines.  
The collection also makes it possible to discover new species and provide important information about their occurrence and development in the region. BioParque has so far:


plant samples available

+ 10

new plants identified in Pará 


new species of plant registered in Brazil

Fotógrafo: Ricardo Teles

Do you want further information about BioParque Vale Amazônia?  

Contact the team:

(94) 3327- 5348 

(94) 3327- 4722 

Technical Sector 
(94) 3327- 4875 

Park News

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Foto de um gramado verde com árvores em um dia ensolarado e várias pessoas sentadas na grama com toalhas fazendo pic-nic

Confira a programação de janeiro do Parque Botânico Vale

O Parque Botânico Vale, em Jardim Camburi, Vitória/ES, continua com sua programação ambiental, cultural e educativa ao longo do mês de janeiro.  

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Foto de um parque com um gramado e árvores com flores amarelas 

Reserva Natural Vale divulga programação para janeiro

O calendário ecológico da Reserva Natural Vale, em Linhares-ES, é composto por importantes datas e neste mês de janeiro, destacamos o “Eco Férias” e o “Vem Passarinhar”.

Visual wave artifact Vale
imagem de um Jardim sensorial com vários tipos de plantas verdes pequenas em um muro baixo desenhado, em um dia ensolarado.

Confira a programação de dezembro do Parque Botânico Vale

Confira a programação de dezembro do Parque Botânico Vale

Visual wave artifact Vale
Foto de uma floresta com árvores grandes e médias e um chão de terra coberto por folhas

Reserva Natural Vale divulga programação para dezembro

O calendário ecológico da Reserva Natural Vale, em Linhares-ES, é composto por importantes datas e neste mês de dezembro, destacamos algumas, o “Aniversário do Uso Público” e o programa “Reserva na Comunidade”.

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Foto do mar e uma vegetação verde ao fundo e algumas pedras.

Participe do V Fórum do Mar, na Fazenda Marinha

No evento, que acontecerá de forma online, serão apresentados os projetos de responsabilidade socioambiental realizados pela empresa em Portos Sul.

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