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Photographer: Marcelo Coelho
Photographer: Vitor Nogueira

Be the protagonist of your career

We believe that personal and professional improvement is essential for the transformation we so desire. And so that we can follow this goal together, we offer all the necessary support to those who need to acquire new skills associated with current and future challenges.

Whether in an MBA, language courses or postgraduate studies, we want to encourage everyone's evolution through development programs.

How do we believe in learning?

We value a combination of different forms of development:

Valer Digital

The Valer Digital platform offers content on the most varied topics, in different formats, and they can be accessed anytime and anywhere. We are the ones who decide how and when we are going to learn. Everything is a click away.

Vale Academy

Development program focused on topics connected to the company’s strategy, such as Safety and Risk Management, Business, Leadership, Future and Sustainability. Each of us is the leader of our own career and, therefore, we must keep ourselves in a continuous process of learning.


We are always trying to improve. Therefore, it is essential that we maintain an open and transparent channel of dialogue. We provide tools to encourage feedback to be practiced throughout the year between any hierarchical level.


We want to grow together. For this reason, we make it possible to participate in projects, experiences and activities in various areas of Vale, which will serve as tools for the evolution of careers and for the construction of a better world.