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Communication and engagement with the communities we interact with are a core part of our social initiatives. In addition to teams dedicated to community engagement, we also provide reporting and grievance channels as part of our global grievance management system. These channels can be accessed by all stakeholders for communication or to request feedback.  

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Guiding principles 

To ensure our grievance and feedback mechanism are effective, these channels are designed and implemented in accordance with the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights (UNGP) and the position statements of the International Council on Mining and Metals (ICMM), as detailed below: 





Heading Example

Compatible with rights

Stages of grievance and feedback management 

Our grievance and feedback channels 

As part of Vale’s purpose to improve life and transform the future, it is essential that we maintain open and transparent communication in responding to inquiries, providing feedback, receiving and addressing complaints, and responding to requests through our grievance mechanisms.  

Alô Vale 

This channel is dedicated to handling issues related to our railroads and their interaction with communities, and can be reached by calling 0800 285 7000 (or 0800 021 9934 for the hearing impaired). In addition to our telephone and messaging services, community matters can also be addressed directly with the engagement officer in the relevant region or by visiting 

Contact Us 

Our Contact Us ( channel receives suggestions, compliments, complaints, requests, or inquiries through an online form.

Reparation Helpdesk 

This channel is dedicated to addressing issues specifically related to the collapse of the Brumadinho dam and evacuations, and can be reached by calling 0800 031 0831.

Whistleblowing Channel  

As part of our Ethics & Compliance Program, Vale provides a Whistleblower Channel that can be used by anyone, both inside and outside the company, to report potential violations of our Code of Conduct. The Whistleblower Channel is set up to ensure that all reports are independently investigated. All information is handled confidentially. We commit to ensure that there will be no intimidation or retaliation against the whistleblower under any circumstances.  

To learn more about our Whistleblower Channel, visit our Ethics & Compliance page. 
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Reports received 

Note 1:  Starting in 2023, social media data is no longer included in grievance metrics, as social media is considered a communication channel rather than a grievance channel within our grievance management model. 

Note 2: Starting in 2023, the phone contact methods for our Alô Ferrovias and Community Relations channels have been integrated into Alô Vale

Community surveys

To enhance communication with the communities where we operate, in addition to our conventional communication channels, in 2022 we conducted our first “Community Perception Survey” covering the areas where we operate in Brazil.  

The purpose of the survey was to gauge communities’ perception of Vale, understand their main social, economic, and environmental needs, inform initiatives to address these needs, and assess communities’ perceptions and level of trust.