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How to issue and send my invoice to Vale 

To start the payment process, suppliers should pay attention to some guidelines on issuing and sending invoices. 

We have tools and systems that facilitate business with us, such as the Vale Supply Portal and the Portal do Fornecedor Vale (Vale Supplier Portal) (e-Marketplace on the Nimbi platform) and reinforce our commitment to building strong relationships with our suppliers.

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See below for guidelines for each type of invoice. 

Electronic invoices for materials, electronic invoices for services and manual invoices for services. 

In case of doubt, the supplier should contact their contract manager. 
Upon receiving the purchase order, check that all information is correct (CNPJ of the issuer and recipient, NCM, material origin, value, unit of measure and taxes).
After checking, the invoice can be issued. The order number and lines must be filled in the appropriate fields in the XML: the order number must appear in the “<xPed>” tag and the item number in the “<nItemPed>” tag. 
The invoice (NF) issued must be sent to the e-mail:
Access the Vale Supplier Portal (e-Marketplace on the Nimbi platform) to check the status of the invoice analysis. When the electronic invoice - NFe status is "Validado” ("Validated"), it means that the material can now be collected/delivered. If the status is "Com divergência” ("With discrepancy") or "Rejeitado” ("Rejected"), it is possible to check the error detail by clicking on the "Comentários” ("Comments") field.

If there is any doubt about the explanation, access the Vale Supply Portal and request in the “Meus Chamados” application the opening of a ticket for action “Regularizar XML com divergência” (“Regularize XML with discrepancy”). For input and SPS invoices, the delivery of materials is not conditioned to the NFe status on the Vale Supplier Portal (e-Marketplace on the Nimbi platform).   
The delivery of all invoices for materials must be made at the Posto Avançado (entrance), which will register and generate the entry passport. This passport is the receipt confirmation protocol for registration and payment scheduling. In locations where there is no Posto Avançado, the invoice must be sent by the Vale employee responsible for the material. 
The invoice status can be checked on the Vale Supply Portal, on the ‘Minhas Notas Fiscais’ app. If its status is as “Nota fiscal com pagamento programado” ("Invoice with scheduled payment"), the supplier must wait for its payment according to the informed payment forecast. If the due date is expired, the supplier can access the Vale Supply Portal and inform the virtual assistant “Atraso de Pagamento” (“Payment Delay”) or open the ticket through the “Meus Chamados” application. 

For more information, the supplier must access the Vale Supply Portal and open a ticket in the “Meus chamados” application (eg. Retenção Indevida (Undue Retention)). 

Understand what reimbursable expenses are and when they apply

Reimbursable expenses are amounts that are not directly related to the provider's economic activity, that is, that which is not classified as a cost of the service. In service provision contracts, expenses can only be reimbursed if the supplier has incurred expenses that, by their nature, are the responsibility of Vale and if there is a requirement to pay reimbursable expenses in the contract. 


And how to collect these expenses? 

Reimbursable expenses must be billed by the suppliers through the Debit Note, which must specify the reason for the reimbursement. 


Do you have any question? Access our service area and systems for suppliers and non-suppliers

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