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The first step for suppliers hired to provide services at one of Vale's operational units – whether project or administrative – is to learn about Vale's mobilization process. 

All steps of this process, including the list of required documents, are available in the Service Provider Mobilization Guide.

The entire process is carried out by a system that allows the download of documentation and monitoring of the process: the Contract Management System (SGC).

In addition to accessing the guide, suppliers who will work at any Vale unit need to be trained in the Requirements for Critical Activities (CARs).

In order to better serve the process of mobilizing contracts and employees, on July 25, 2022, SGC Mobilization received a new architecture, with more stability, security and standardization of the process. 


New Mobilization Flow

Conheça mais sobre as novas funcionalidades do SGC Mobilização

Removing the sso site structure

Handling requests by Vale site 

Paralelização da aprovação de solicitações de alteração

Directed only to approvers responsible for the altered document(s).

Initial structuring version with handover registration 

To be fed by the Buyer, it allows the VALE Mobilization team to eliminate consultation with 3 different transactions and the document consolidation stage performed via e-mail. 

Unified request for employees

With the differentiation of demand per employee, there may be mobilization, alteration and demobilization in a single request.

Use of identification documents

From the employee when mobilized in other contracts of the same supplier (same CNPJ root).  

Standardization and simplification of approval flows

By country, adding greater transparency to the process and supplier. 

Identification and control of the validity of mandatory documents

From the mobilization process. 

Use of CARs

Among the different mobilizations of the same employee. 

Include kick-off meeting record to register contract parameters  

  • Plants served; 

  • Multi-site contract, or not;  

  • Employment relationship;  

  • Has an industrial passport;  

  • Execution in outdoor area; 

  • Among others... 

Control of validity of contract documents

To allow the mobilization of third parties in the contract. 

Contract mobilization from SRM contract number

In order to reduce the ECC contract number waiting time required before for mobilization.  

Simplified and standardized document matrix

According to the risk of the contract, the user is guided by the tool itself. * 24% reduction in the volume of documents for requests for contract mobilization.

Approval by employee

Allowing the approval of an employee to be completed regardless of pending issues and reviews of other employees included in the same request.

Parallelization of badge issuance

During the employee approval process (current deadline is 2 days for badge printing after approval).

Automatic identification of the demobilization date

Based on expiry dates of documents, training and contract end date. 

Automatic tool targeting for request type

To be created, depending on the contract situation and the mobilization process, the tool itself should guide the applicant through a mobilization or alteration process. 


At the end of the service contracts, it is required to prove that:

  • All products and services have been delivered and accepted in accordance with the contract. 
  • All financial obligations arising from the contract have been settled. 
  • Contract and supplier performance information has been updated and archived. 
  • In the case of contracts for the provision of services within Vale units, it is necessary to consult additional guidelines on the demobilization of employees in the Guide for Mobilizing Service Providers. 

Contract Management 

The supplier must comply with the contractual obligations established, always respecting Vale's 'Supplier Code of Ethics and Conduct'. It must also comply with all applicable laws, including anti-bribery and anti-corruption laws that operate globally, and those that apply to Vale's operations in the countries where it operates. 

During the period of execution and term of the contract, the services provided (including the supply of materials) have their performance evaluated periodically according to criteria pre-established by Vale. These criteria are grouped into five dimensions: Technical, Health and Safety, Environment, Documentation and Action Plan. The evaluation process is conducted by Vale's contract manager. More information can be found in the Supplier Performance Assessment Manual. 


Contract Changes 

Contractual changes, even if requested by a Vale employee, are only valid after authorization from the contract manager and contractual formalization by the responsible Procurement area. 

Check out the labor requirements that service providers working at Vale units must submit. A list of all documents that suppliers working at Vale units need to present is available in the ‘Ajuda’ (‘Help’) section (download the book) on the website This rule only applies to service contracts that have third parties mobilized providing services within Vale.    


Term of Contractual Termination (TEC) 

Some contracts require that, upon termination, the Term of Contractual Termination (TEC) is made. This information is available in the contract. In case of doubt, the supplier can contact the manager of its contract. 

Service Provider Mobilization Guide  

Supplier Performance Index  


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