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Photo: Vale's Archive
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To transform the future and fulfill our purpose, we have several partners and procurement suppliers.
Together, we work and develop guided by the same values, in pursuit of the same goals: to generate prosperity for all of society and take care of the planet.


The sustainability of our business reflects the environmental quality of the activities we carry out, supported by our partners. Therefore, it is essential for all Vale suppliers to be aware of the environmental aspects involved in their operations. 

Learn about our initiatives to build an economic, social and environmental legacy. 
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Principles of Conduct for Third Parties

It aims to guide you on the main guidelines that guide the relationship between Vale and its suppliers. 

For us, this partnership is fundamental, because it is also through it that Vale can fulfill its mission of transforming natural resources into prosperity and sustainable development. 

Photo: Vale's Archive

Anti-Corruption Guide 

One of Vale's values is to act correctly.  

This value encourages us to act with integrity, accountability, honesty, trust, respect, loyalty and transparency. 

Photographer: Dario Zalis

We want to hear from our suppliers!

Use Vale's service channels to share your doubts, critics and suggestions.

News for suppliers

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