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Foto: Vale Indonesia
Foto: Vale Indonesia

PTVI Pomalaa

PT Vale and Zhejiang Huayou Cobalt Co., Ltd. jointly realizing a partnership that mutually supports sustainable mining practices in Bumi Mekongga, Southeast Sulawesi.

PT Vale is in charge of supplying the nickel ore, while Huayou will ensure nickel processing at an HPAL (High-Pressure Acid Leach) based factory. Huayou has operational advantages as a supplier of materials for electric vehicle batteries. Meanwhile, PT Vale has more than half a century of experience in carrying out sustainable mining in Indonesia.

The project's estimated annual output is 120,000 tonnes of nickel and approximately 15,000 tonnes of cobalt contained in MHP products. Our investment in the Pomalaa Block for mines and HPAL facilities is US$ 4.5 billion.

Fotógrafo: Ricardo Teles

Nursery Facility in Pomalaa

Partners Agree on Sustainable Practices

PT Vale is committed to bringing its best operating practices from Sorowako to the Pomalaa Block.

  • Nursery facilities that have been opened and operated today will become modern large-scale nursery facilities in the future.
  • The development of this facility is also a form of the company's support for the Indonesian government's nursery center development program.
  • The Pomalaa project will also be supported by solid waste treatment facilities, sedimentation ponds and wastewater treatment, leachate treatment, and toxic and hazardous waste management.
  • This project will also be equipped with air emission processing facilities.

PT Vale and Huayou agreed to jointly utilize power generation from non-coal energy sources

Foto: Vale Indonesia

Fotógrafo: Ricardo Teles

We Synergize with the Local Community

Optimize Local Talents

As of January 2023, around 400 workers have been working in the mining area. This figure will continue to increase in line with the needs of development projects.

Workforce Trainings

We are working with the Vocational Training Center (BLK), PSDKU (Main Non-Campus Study Program) of Ujung Pandang Polytechnic in Kolaka, and Community Development and Empowerment (PPM) Program for Workforce Training and Competencies at the Kolaka Vocational Training Center (BLKK) in human resource development.

Community Development

Prior to the groundbreaking, PT Vale had started collaborating with local communities, through the PPM Program. One of the programs that has had an impact and has been well received by the community is organic SRI rice farming assistance.