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Vale Launches $100M Fund to Invest in the Sustainable Startup Ecosystem

Vale Ventures will support disruptive solutions to mining and metals challenges, connecting Vale with innovative technologies and business models that will help transform the future

Vale, one of the world’s largest mining companies, is launching Vale Ventures, its corporate venture capital initiative. The $100M fund will support pioneering startups around the world, creating new business opportunities and innovative technologies to incorporate into Vale’s operations.

Vale believes that sustainable mining is essential to global development. To support the transition to a more sustainable world, the company will acquire minority stakes in startups focused on four themes:

• Decarbonization in the mining value chain – Invest in technologies that will help Vale and its customers reduce carbon emissions, supporting their goal to become carbon neutral by 2050.

• Zero-waste mining – Reduce waste and the environmental impact of mining while supporting the circular economy and generating new revenue streams.

• Energy transition metals – Accelerate the supply of essential metals to power the energy transition and foster emerging demand drivers.

• The future of mining – Invest in disruptive technologies that will change how miners operate.

“We will collaborate with forward-thinking startups bringing big ideas and bold thinking to these monumental challenges,” says Viktor Moszkowicz, head of Vale Ventures. “By creating a portfolio of disruptive solutions, we can generate financial and strategic return, and bring new business opportunities, insights, and knowledge to our company, customers and society.”

Vale Ventures reinforces Vale’s larger commitment to innovation, which is key to improve life and transform the future together with society.

To learn more and submit ideas, entrepreneurs are encouraged to visit

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