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Dams, Reparation

Vale begins removing residents for the decommissioning of dams

About 125 people who live close to five dams will vacate their houses today

The process for the decommissioning of dams constructed using the upstream method (which foresees the decharacterization of such structures) was announced by Vale in the Relevant Fact, dated January 29. To that end, this Wednesday, February 20th, Vale will move the population in the Self-Rescue Zones of the following dams: Vargem Grande (Vargem Grande Complex, in Nova Lima), and Forquilha I, II and III, as well as Grupo, in the Fábrica mine, in Ouro Preto, Minas Gerais, Brazil.

For this purpose, during the day, Vale will begin the removal of residents from the Self-Rescue Zones and from the areas that would be isolated. In Nova Lima, the removal encompasses 33 houses with about 100 permanent residents, in a region located 52 km from city's head office. In Ouro Preto, the removal includes eight houses with about 25 permanent residents, in the rural area, located about 15 km from Engenheiro Correa.

To assist the population, Vale will provide specific help centers for each city. The company will fully assist and support the population, providing accommodation, food, transportation and medicines and has a multidisciplinary team composed of psychologists, social assistants and physicians. Also, an animal shelter will be provided.

The company emphasizes that there have not been any changes to the geotechnical parameters of such structures, which are undergoing inspections on a daily basis.

Vale highlights that it is still a preventive measure to guarantee people's safety, while the first activities of decharacterization of dams constructed using the upstream method are performed, aiming at accelerating the projects.

Vale reinforces that the city center of Ouro Preto, Nova Lima, Itabirito and Congonhas are not affected by the removal. Such measures specifically cover the highlighted areas on the maps provided in the help centers and on the Internet, and that people will be contacted by Vale and Civil Defense teams.

Residents of other locations can remain at their houses. The Self-Rescue Zone (ZAS) - which extends for about 10 km - is the downstream region from the dam. Here, the company is in charge of alerting the population, which is a priority in case of emergency.

In parallel, Vale continues with a project detailing and authorizing requests to the relevant agencies in order to decommission its dams constructed using the upstream method.

In due time, the company will provide further information on the next steps.

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Our commitment to repairing the communities and people impacted by the B1 dam failure is constant. See the social, environmental and safety actions taken by Vale.