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In 2022, we celebrate the milestone of turning 80 years with the company. Over so long, many people have worked at Vale, helped us to grow and have always been an essential part of our purpose of “Improving life and transforming the future. Together.”
The stories built by our employees tell us a little about the advances we have made within Vale and also accompany the personal evolution of each one. In a celebratory mood, we invite some people who are with us on this journey to share remarkable experiences:

The grandson of Geraldo Marques, employee 02 of Vale, Matheus talks about the emotion of being
One of my best memories was of the first days of reception, at the Itabira Truck Workshop, when I looked at those huge trucks and thought: ‘my grandfather talked so much about these trucks, but I didn’t imagine they were that big’. It was a mix of new challenges and good expectations”

Here at Vale, I have recognition, I have met many special friends and I also met very special people, who took my road and left a trace of strength and, especially, positivity in my life. I can share a little more of my story with you talking about a moment that was very striking for me and for every woman: pregnancies. And a curiosity: I was promoted in my two pregnancies here at Vale. I arrived here as an intern, full of dreams. Now, within Vale, I am the first-class leader of a team full of determination and a sense of ownership and I feel more and more that I am in the right place..”
Kessianny Gomes, Supply Supervisor in Pará.

The struggle for space, visibility, opportunities and equality is done daily. I witnessed many suspicious looks, but with respect. I love to drive, I'm licensed in several categories, from motorcycle to truck trailer. It was 9 years as a heavy equipment operator at Vale. I was the first woman in the country to accept the challenge of driving a truck of this size, seven meters high and eleven meters long. I'm proud to be a woman, it took a lot of courage and dedication to pave the way for today's female operators, without losing femininity and well-polished nails".
Ivani Moreira, the first woman in Brazil to operate a 150-ton off-highway truck, in 1998.
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We will never forget Brumadinho

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