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Photographer: Vitor Nogueira
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We are changing with the world. Be part of our evolution.

We increasingly seek to highlight and leverage talent in its most diverse forms, which will be an essential part of our process of cultural transformation. In 2022, the possibilities we offer for recent graduates are the Engineering and Geology Specialist Trainee and Global Trainee Program.

All interested people can choose between these two options to start a successful career and expand their knowledge in a company that thinks about a different tomorrow.
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How it works

To take part, you must have completed a degree in Engineering or Geology at a teaching institution recognized by the Ministry of Education as of December 2020. People expected to graduate by December 2023 can also apply. 

There is no age limit to apply and no previous professional experience is required. All vacancies are for on-site work in municipalities in Pará and Maranhão where Vale has operations.

2023 Registration closed.

How it works

Our selection process does not require previous experience, has no age limit and graduates from any university recognized by the MEC are accepted.

If the chosen person is allocated in another city or state, we offer relocation and mobility benefits (including dependents). Anyone interested doesn’t need to know anything about mining either, everything will be taught during the program.

Selection process

The 2024 selection process takes place from October to December 2023 in a hidden manner until the last stage.  

Information such as age, educational institution, address and marital status is withheld during the selection process in order to avoid value judgments on the part of those carrying out the assessment. Our selection process is based on your assessment of potential and performance. 

 The development path of the 2024 Trainee Program will last 12 months and will consist of practical learning, formal learning and informal learning. The practical learning part accounts for 70% of the track and includes experience of challenges and projects within the allocation area. 

In addition to the opportunity for development and learning, the company offers a salary compatible with that of the market and the following benefits: profit sharing (PLR); relocation allowance; private pension plan; medical, dental and pharmacy assistance; food vouchers; on-site meals; group life insurance; childcare assistance; Gympass; and the Employee Assistance Program (Apoiar). 

The hiring period is expected to be between January and February 2024.  

17/10 to 13/11 - Online applications and tests

November/December 2023 - Online panel with HR

December 2023 - Online panel with Vale managers and HR

December 2023 - Executive Panel (In person in Rio de Janeiro)

December 2023 - Results
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Inclusion purpose

We have a commitment to gender equality and, therefore, 50% of trainee vacancies will preferably be allocated to women. We also want to increase the representation of minority groups in leadership positions in our company and we encourage the participation of black women, black men, LGBTQIA+ and PCDs in the selection process.

We are present in 5 Brazilian states, spread over 4 different regions. Of course, we want to find potential talent across the entire national territory.

Among the group of trainees selected in 2022 in Brazil, 67% are female, 71% identified themselves as black (black or brown) and 49% are from the North and Northeast regions of Brazil. We want to increasingly value talents and encourage you, regardless of where you study or live, to be part of our transformation.

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Vale is the second most desirable company to work for in Brazil

Selection process

Because we understand that diversity is an important agenda for our growth, our selection process will be carried out in a hidden way until the last stage.

Information such as age, educational institution, address and marital status are omitted during the selection process, in order to avoid judgment on the part of the person doing the evaluation.Our selection process is based on your assessment of potential and ability to perform in the future.

In order to make our process more accessible and inclusive , we chose to carry out the process fully online and remotely.
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Be part of our evolution

We embrace challenges and implement changes in our culture to increasingly provide a transparent, respectful and inclusive work environment for all people.

Our past is the greatest motivation for us to seek continuous and promising development, after all, we are not here to stand still – we are moving towards a better tomorrow.

Photographer: Vitor Nogueira