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Take Me Home

We took care of them. Now let them take care of you.
Here we take care of animals rescued from evacuated areas in Minas Gerais and we want to share all this love with more people through adoption.
Having a pet brings physical and mental health benefits. It’s an exchange of love and affection that’s good for everyone. Take one home, look after it and let it look after you too.

Who we are

Take Me Home is the adoption program created by Vale to find new families for the animals rescued in the areas affected by the failure of B1 Tailings Dam in Brumadinho and in other evacuated areas in Minas Gerais.
While they wait to be adopted, the animals are cared for with a lot of love and affection by our team of specialists at the farms maintained by Vale in Brumadinho, Barão dos Cocais and Itabirito, as well as at partner pet hotels.

Meet the pets

Our spaces are home to an enchanting diversity of animals: from the smallest to the largest, from the youngest to the most experienced, from the calmest to the most playful. Browse below, click on the photos to find out more about each animal and choose one to take home.
Find your next best friend.
Foto de um cachorro de perfil, em pé num pátio olhando para cima com a boca aberta. Ele tem porte pequeno, olhos escuros e pelos baixos nas cores branca, preta e marrom, e usa gravata laranja e guia cor-de-rosa. Atrás dele, há uma parede de tijolos laranjas e um portão de madeira. Special adoption


Adult | Porte Small

Foto de cachorro deitado na terra olhando para frente. Ele tem porte pequeno, olhos escuros e pelos curtos nas cores preta, branca e bege. Atrás dele, há uma grade de metal.


Adult | Porte Medium

Foto de um cachorro de perfil, com a boca aberta, andando num pátio. Ele tem porte médio e pelos baixos pretos com manchas marrons e coleira caramelo. Atrás dele, há um grades de metal e brinquedos coloridos.


Adult | Porte Medium

Foto de cachorra de perfil, deitada no jardim com a boca aberta. Ela usa coleira marrom, tem porte médio e é malhada com pelos nas cores branca, preta e caramelo.


Adult | Porte Large

Adoption is an act of love

Check out the testimonials from some of the many people who have found a best friend to take home and now live with more love and affection.
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We know that adoption is an act of love done responsibly. That’s why we’re here to support you throughout the process, ensuring that adoption takes place in a well-planned way.
Our team will be by your side to provide you with all the information you need to make this decision. We want this to be a rewarding experience for you and your new pet.

Ainda não sabe qual é o animalzinho ideal para a sua família?

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Top 10 reasons to adopt your pet from Take Me Home

Castration included: Adult animals are delivered neutered, while puppies will be castrated by our team at the appropriate age for the procedure.
Vaccines and deworming: All animals are delivered vaccinated and dewormed, and follow-up antiparasitic medicines are included.
Convenient delivery: We will take the pet to you! If you’re up to 150 km from Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, don’t worry – we’re ready to deliver.
Veterinary follow-up: All animals receive veterinary follow-up care for at least six months after adoption, guaranteeing their health and well-being.
Guaranteed examinations: If necessary, examinations are also guaranteed during the follow-up period, ensuring that your pet remains healthy.
Important tests: Every dog is tested for leishmaniasis and every cat is tested for feline immunodeficiency virus and feline leukemia virus.
Access to information: we offer educational materials and information on animal care to help new owners provide the best environment for their new friends.
 Perfect match: We help find the best match between adopters and animals, considering their preferences and lifestyle.
Guaranteed identification: all the animals are microchipped, which is important for their correct identification.
Guaranteed examinations: if necessary, examinations are also guaranteed during the follow-up period, ensuring that your pet is always healthy.

Having a pet is great​

Many studies have proven that having a pet has significant benefits for physical and mental health. Rest assured, while you’re looking after them, they’re also looking after you!
Pode ter certeza, enquanto você cuida deles, eles também estão cuidando de você.

It’s good for the heart.

We’re not just talking about love! Having a pet can help improve blood pressure, reduce stress and even lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels. What’s more, going for walks and having fun with pets can contribute to an even better quality of life.

It’s good for the mind.

Living with pets releases endorphins, creating a feeling of well-being, peace and improved self-esteem. Our pets can offer companionship and emotional support in times of stress and anxiety, making life lighter and happier.

Yes, I want to take one home!

Have you found your new best friend? Then see what the next steps are to take it home:
Fill out the Responsible Adoption Interest Form with the name and ID number of the animal you want to take in.
Wait for our team to get back to you within seven days. We look forward to getting in touch with you!
Prepare for the virtual interviews. You’ll receive all the information you need about your chosen animal and the adoption process. Once everything is in order, all you have to do is wait to welcome your new best friend at home!


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Talk to us​

Our customer service team is available to answer any questions you may have. Just call one of the numbers below:
Adoption team:  (31) 97178-0969 / (31) 99885-2738

Do you recognize any of these animals?

If you recognize any of the animals recorded here, please contact our service center: 0800 031 0831