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Vale employee smiling in green landscape. She is wearing a green Vale
uniform, goggles, helmet and ear plugs. Visual wave artifact Vale
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Photographer: Lucas Lenci
Photographer: Ricardo Teles

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Our corporate documents and regulatory policies are meant to transparently guide our actions and direct our stance as a company before our employees, partners and society. Our reports show, in practice, the results and the progress that we have achieved with these actions. Check all these documents here. 

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Name Category Subcategory Date Size
4T20 - Demonstrações Contábeis da Estrada de Ferro Vitória Minas – EFVM - - 15/12/2022 1.33 MB
5_Vale Informa_NOVO AUXÍLIO BC_28.05 Reparation Evacuated territories 15/12/2022 175.99 KB
6.18.2019 Webinar ESG – Brumadinho and Dam safety - - 15/12/2022 1.9 MB
6_Vale Informa_SEGUNDA PARCELA AUXÍLIO BC_16.04 Reparation Evacuated territories 15/12/2022 201.1 KB
7_Vale Informa_PARALISAÇÃO COVID BC_18.03 Reparation Evacuated territories 15/12/2022 200.36 KB
8__Vale Informa_PARCELA AUXÍLIO BC_16.03 Reparation Evacuated territories 15/12/2022 207.58 KB
9_Vale Informa_AEROLEVANTAMENTO BC_05.03 Reparation Evacuated territories 15/12/2022 169.71 KB
Accessibility - Customer Service Feedback Form - - 15/12/2022 696.94 KB
Accessibility Instructions_AMA_20181101 - - 15/12/2022 628.75 KB
Addendum Report CBRA Environmental Risk Assessment – Natural Environment ONT33828 - - 15/12/2022 10.58 MB