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Vale employee smiling in green landscape. She is wearing a green Vale
uniform, goggles, helmet and ear plugs. Visual wave artifact Vale
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Photographer: Lucas Lenci
Photographer: Ricardo Teles

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Our corporate documents and regulatory policies are meant to transparently guide our actions and direct our stance as a company before our employees, partners and society. Our reports show, in practice, the results and the progress that we have achieved with these actions. Check all these documents here. 

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2092 Results

Name Category Subcategory Date Size
2023 Proxy Statement - - 16/03/2023 2.66 MB
Management Proposal - 2023 AEGM - - 16/03/2023 3.7 MB
Manual de Participação AGO 2023 - - 16/03/2023 2.78 MB
Projeto Dois Irmãos - - 16/03/2023 388.41 MB
Proposta da Administração - AGOE 2023 - - 16/03/2023 2.41 MB
Composição Acionário - Janeiro 2023 Investors - 15/03/2023 20.57 KB
Shareholder Structure_February_2023 Investors - 15/03/2023 20.14 KB
Vale Comunidade Brumadinho - Fevereiro 2023 Reparation Brumadinho News 14/03/2023 2.31 MB
Vale+comunidade - Pompéu e Curvelo - Jan/Fev 2023 Reparation Paraopeba News 13/03/2023 2.09 MB
Vale+comunidade - Mário Campos, São Joaquim de Bicas, Betim, Igarapé e Juatuba - Jan/Fev 2023 Reparation Paraopeba News 13/03/2023 1.23 MB