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Vale employee smiling in green landscape. She is wearing a green Vale
uniform, goggles, helmet and ear plugs. Visual wave artifact Vale
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Photographer: Lucas Lenci
Photographer: Ricardo Teles

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Our corporate documents and regulatory policies are meant to transparently guide our actions and direct our stance as a company before our employees, partners and society. Our reports show, in practice, the results and the progress that we have achieved with these actions. Check all these documents here. 

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Name Category Subcategory Date Size
淡水河谷大型矿砂船首次停靠马来西亚 China releases 15/12/2014 143.39 KB
淡水河谷宣布2013年第四季度财报公布日期 China releases 15/12/2014 297.26 KB
淡水河谷宣布2015年资本支出预算 China releases 15/12/2014 236.34 KB
淡水河谷宣布新黑色金属业务执行董事及新基本金属业务执行董事任命 China releases 15/12/2014 86.49 KB
淡水河谷拟于2014年分派股息至少42亿美元 China releases 15/12/2014 298.66 KB
世界最大矿砂船首次抵达日本君津港 China releases 15/12/2013 309.55 KB
开始迎来转机,淡水河谷2012年业绩 China releases 15/12/2013 793.46 KB
淡水河谷为雅安灾区捐款310万,支持抗震救灾与灾后重建 China releases 15/12/2013 309.09 KB
淡水河谷在华签署两项新采购合同 China releases 15/12/2013 316.83 KB
淡水河谷宣布2014年资本支出与研发预算为148亿美元 China releases 15/12/2013 311 KB